What is the Postcard Art Award?

The Postcard Art Award is an online contest launched this year to create an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the art of creation and connect with other participants, especially during the coronavirus crisis keeping many people apart.

Anyone can participate in the contest with any kind of postcard-sized, handmade work.

Please feel free to use any tools and art supplies you have at home to participate.

Event Features

Apply Online

By submitting your work online, you can easily view the artworks drawn by other participants in real time.
Your work will be introduced on the official Kuretake social media account as well as the official website. Your work may inspire and leave an impression with many people! 

Held around the world

Entries will be accepted, not only in Japan, but overseas as well! Through our own artwork, let's connect with overseas countries that have become distant due to COVID-19.

Know your art materials

There are no limits to the tools and materials you can use!

Discover or even rediscover your favorite art materials by creating various artworks.

​※Digital works will not be accepted. 


Entries Period

June 10, 2021 ~ March 31, 2022


Please take a picture of your hand-drawn, postcard size (90-120mm x 140-235mm or similar size) artwork and submit it.

Any subject matter, genre, or art materials can be used. Manga illustrations and calligraphy are also acceptable.

For details, please refer to "How to submit your artwork" below.

Prize winners

Annual Grand Prix (1 winner)

50,000 yen worth of Kuretake products

(equivalent to about $500 USD)

Annual runner-up (2 winners)

25,000 yen worth of Kuretake products

(equivalent to about $250 USD)

How to submit your artwork


Please take a picture of your hand-drawn work, which has been drawn on a postcard or paper of similar size (90-120mm x 140-235mm) and submit it to us via ① or ② method.

① Send via official website

Please submit your work using the application form on the official website. Please follow the form and let us know what art materials you used to create your work. 

②Send via social media (Twitter or Instagram)

Follow Kuretake's official account (Twitter / Instagram : @kuretakejapan) Then post a photo of your work on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #KuretakeAward2021 and #art materials used (product name).

*One work per entry
*The art materials used do not have to be Kuretake products.
*Winners will be selected from among the entries after a strict selection process. Winners will be notified via direct message from the Kuretake official social media or by e-mail from Kuretake.
*Please note that digital works will not be accepted or selected.


Application Form

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