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About Entries

Can I use art materials other than Kuretake products?

Yes, you can use other products than Kuretake products. Any art materials can be used.

Are there any requirements on the category of the work?

Any category is acceptable. Illustrations, calligraphy, manga, etc. are all acceptable as long as they are postcard-sized handwritten analog works.
For details, please refer to "How to submit your artwork" and "Guidelines".

Can I submit handwritten (digital) works?

Unfortunately, for this contest only handwritten "classic" artworks are accepted. Artwork must be physically completed on a postcard size paper (90-120mm x 140-235mm) and then submitted.
For details, please refer to "How to submit your artwork"

About Application

I want to cancel my entry.

Due to our operating system, once an entry has been submitted, it cannot be canceled by participants. If you wish to cancel your entry, please contact the Kuretake Postcard Art Award Office (award@kuretake.co.jp) via e-mail and provide the name used to submit the artwork in addition to a brief description of the submission. Please note that it may take some time to cancel your entry. If you have posted your work on social media, you can cancel your entry by deleting the post including "#KuretakeAward2021" by yourself.

How many entries can I submit?

You may submit as many entries as you like throughout the entire period. However, please upload only one work per application or social media post. (Uploading multiple images of the same work in one application or post is acceptable.)

If the Q&A does not help, please contact the Kuretake Customer Service Center.

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