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Celebrating Our 120th Anniversary

On October 1st, 2022, Kuretake celebrates its 120th anniversary. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your support and patronage.

Over the next 100 and even 200 years, we will continue to aim to be a company that conveys the "warmth of handwriting" and "goodness of handcrafting" to future generations and contributes to "the manufacturing of safe, reliable products that customers love to use" as well as the advancement of education, culture, and art.


120th Anniversary Products


ZIG CLEAN COLOR Real Brush 120 color set

Color brush pens with bristle brush tip.
120 color set including popular colors such as “Muted color” and “Gray color”


Kuretake Wood Glass Pen Cherry Blossoms

Each glass pen has a shaft made of natural cherry wood from Mt. Yoshino in Nara, Japan and a tip carefully handcrafted by an artisan.



Colored ink inspired by colors popular around the Meiji era of Japan, when Kuretake was founded.


120th Anniversary Products Limited Edition


Kuretake Gansai Tambi 100 color set

Gansai Tambi comes in many beautiful colors inspired by nostalgic Japanese scenery.

120th Anniversary Logo


The logo uses Kuretake's corporate colors, which are black representing "tradition" and yellow and purple representing "innovation".

The black and purple parts represent being "the best manufacturer of calligraphy supplies that contributes to the world's culture of art and writing".
The yellow part represents being "a manufacturer of unique, high-quality products in the fields of arts and crafts as well as cosmetics" along with "a manufacturer of exceptional art materials that express the traditional colors of ink painting and Japanese painting". 
The pink part represents being "a company capable of providing new experiences and value beyond just a manufacturer."

Human hands are wrapped around the "0" to represent "our customers" along with "the warmth of handwriting and goodness of handcrafting."


Carrying Through to Our 200th Anniversary.

Kuretake's Approach to "DIY" Defining the Past 20 years.

We redesigned our logo to commemorate our 100th anniversary in 2002.

The design features the black of sumi ink, representing "tradition," and yellow and purple, representing "innovation," defining our business field as an "arts and crafts company."

What we emphasized is providing not only products, our "hardware," but also ways and opportunities to use them.

This was the start of Kuretake's approach to "DIY" category.


New Stories that Start from Sumi Ink

Kuretake is currently beginning to draw attention in the cosmetics field, working on the development of various products for industrial applications, and deepening exchanges with artists overseas through support for art challenges.

All of these new challenges are stories that start from "sumi ink".

In order to preserve and evolve our tradition of sumi manufacturing, we are in the midst of honing the strengths born from that process and creating exclusive value unique to Kuretake.

We will continue to move forward toward the next milestone, our 200th anniversary.

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